Casting Call Vila Do Cinema

Film synopsis & Audition


Feature Film: “Sorrow of Eternity”

Production Dates: TBD
Location: Bangladesh
Director: Sohel Rahman


“Sorrow of Eternity” is an emotionally rich narrative centered around the lives of Hayat, a retired schoolteacher, and his daughter Tia, as they grapple with loss, love, solitude, and the complexities of life following the passing of their beloved Shimu.


  • Hayat (Lead Role): Male, 50s-60s. A retired schoolteacher coping with the loss of his wife while advocating for bird conservation. Emotionally resilient yet profoundly affected by grief. Must exhibit depth and emotional range.
  • Tia (Lead Role): Female, 20s. Hayat’s daughter, a college student, navigating love, personal aspirations, and familial responsibilities. Expressive, conflicted, and determined. Strong emotional presence required.
  • Jiban (Supporting Role): Male, 20s. A mute artist who forms a deep connection with Tia. Expressive through art, silent yet compelling.
  • Rahmat (Supporting Role): Male, 50s-60s. Hayat’s friend, offering guidance and support. Warm, understanding, and compassionate.
  • Rokyea (Supporting Role): Female, 40s-50s. Rahmat’s wife. Appears on the day of wedding. Requires a strong emotive presence.

Audition Details

  • Submission Deadline: [20 December, 2023]
  • Submission Requirements: Please prepare a dramatic monologue of solitude or scene demonstrating emotional depth and range. Video submissions are preferred.
  • Submission Email: [ ]
  • Include: Headshot, resume, Facebook, Instagram, and contact information.
  • Note: Actors of all ethnicities and backgrounds are encouraged to audition. Fluency in Bengali is preferred but not mandatory.

Join us in bringing this poignant and evocative story to life. Embrace the depth of these characters and be a part of an international co-production, impactful narrative exploring the depths of human life and emotions.

Disclaimer: The casting call details are subject to change. Only selected candidates will be contacted for auditions.